Children's Photography Workshops

Whether you're flying across country, road tripping around Hampton Roads, or taking a walk on the beach, photography is an amazing way to both engage with the environment and document your explorations. SANDBRIDGE BEACH PORTRAITS is an educational division of SANDBRIDGE PORTRAITS. As an early childhood educator, I have experience teaching mindfulness and photography to children in third through fifth grades. Students will be able to apply what they learn during their adventures with any type of camera! A cell phone camera, DSLR, or even a touchscreen tablet will work! My photography teaching approach is process-oriented and focuses on building visual awareness, confidence, curiosity, and perspective. This allows learners to experiment, tell stories, and communicate their ideas through their photographs. My teaching style does not center on "quick tips" to get "better" shots -- instead I strive to foster children's awareness of the visual world around them: seeing with their attention first, and then with their camera, in order to communicate their experiences and ideas through their camera.


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