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Before The Shoot

Sandbridge Portraits photoshoot provides an unforgettable experience that captures your special moments. Although it’s easy to get swept away by the magical ambiance that the ocean holds, preparing for the shoot matters.

It’s called “beach hair” for a reason, but there’s actually a lot more work that goes into these hairstyles. Without the right hair products, humidity and wind can bring out the frizz, and flyaways. If you are debating whether or not to get your hair done for your beach photo session, go for it! It’s nice to employ a professional with a good understanding of your hair type and texture. I highly recommend stylist, Jennifer McNeill at CURRENTS, a local Sandbridge salon and ask for the Sandbridge Portraits Special!


Jennifer is our owner, master stylist, and color specialist here at CURRENTS, the only ocean-view salon in Virginia Beach! She has 29 years of styling experience—so she knows all of the ins and outs on color, cuts and styles, offering distinct artistry and a hand-picked product line. Finding yourself in her chair means you will see her talent first hand as she creates natural glam blow-outs and up-styles ensuring you feel breathtakingly beautiful and camera ready.


Keely is our ray of sunshine in the salon! She is such a positive light and great listener— you’ll leave the salon feeling like you’ve just made a lifelong friend. Not only does she have a sunshine-ing personality, she’s also a sunshine-locks specialist! Being a VaBeach native- she has mastered beachy styling and blow-outs. You’re destined to feel like a brand new person after walking out of CURRENTS. Check out her Instagram and see for yourself just how talented of a stylist she is!


Kara is our salon sweetheart— she strives to make a connection with each and every client and will truly build a relationship with you; there is no doubt you will always feel safe and comfortable in her chair, as she lays the ground work for your session. She is also ready to assist in blow dries and other hair services making sure you can relax and enjoy the pampering you deserve at CURRENTS, modern seaside hair artistry destination.


2545 Sandpiper Road

Second deck of the Sandbridge Shoppes

757.404.2854 or 757.348.2694

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